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Cashmachine is an affiliate program for products regarding Software development and Website developement

Our program offers quality products for SAAS and web development services. If you have blogs about technology, web design, or web development then we have some interesting offers for you. We offer fixed prices per sale or depending on your level inside our affiliate system a certain % over each sale. Through our system, depending on the traffic you can send to our products you can easily earn over 200 USD or 300 USD a day. The offers we got right now are software for project management with visual feedback tools and selling website services through our system. Some example each lifetime deal you sell you will receive 50 USD per sale, so if you are able to make 4 sales a day you would earn 200 USD. All you need to do is register and wait until your account has been approved. Also, you can send traffic to our webshop of websites, over there you can earn a % of each sale you are making, sales value starts at 99 USD but can easily increase when people ask for extra services. Payouts can be through PayPal or bank transfers and the transfers will be made each 15 days. By signing up to our affiliate program you agree to our terms and agree to not use illegal tactics for getting the traffic. If you want to start today check our complete offers inside our program, by registering through the following link: